What we do

Intelligent Conversational Design

Engage patients with empathetic non judgemental and meaningful conversations.

Patient engagement is one of the most essential areas to respond to in terms of addressing patient concerns, building relationships and developing impactful population health strategies. Through the delivery of intelligent conversational design attention to patient language, accents, ethnicity and belief system etc will boost the impact of the message being delivered and the engagement the patient has with healthcare system.

Use cases for intelligent conversation design include support for addressing Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy, increasing physical activity in patients, supporting their motivations to stop smoking and reducing alcohol intake.

Conversational Channel

Operate over any channel to support conversational experiences.


Deliver A.I. powered conversations over voice, SMS, WhatsApp, Webchat, bespoke App or Facebook messenger to name a few. Use the channels that your patients use to develop immersive conversations and relationship that yield engagement.


Deliver these through your organisations existing numbers or let us provide them for you. We don't forget the traditional channels either, we can configure your conversational applications to send traditional mail and utilise process automation to ensure maximum efficiency to send to your patients. 

Process Automation


Do better than just automate existing processes, reimagine routine tasks and processes to deliver greater value.

Every organisation is unique, we can automate those individuals processes to help drive efficiencies through your business. many parts of the organisation can be considered for automation from answering phones or delivering test results to reminding of appointment and scheduling reviews. 

Automating tasks does not mean removing people, it does mean being able to do more with the people you have.

Actionable Analytics

Use the data to improve patient understanding ,engagement and boost your impact.

We are witnessing an upward trend of Healthcare organisations transforming their contact channels to predominately digital approaches. 

Utilising conversational AI data, such as patient feedback, repeated queries, sentimental and  behavioral data organisations are able to not just respond more quickly but are able to understand their patients better and the care that they need and the care that they best respond to.

Data Enrichment

Engage patients with empathetic and meaningful conversations using data relevant to the conversation to enhance and build trust.

Enhance your organisations understanding of patient need and therefore care by  analysing digital engagement behaviour alongside patient demographics from differential sources and enhanced by the provision of clinical terms and  conventional reference data.

Build enriched datasets that provide new and impactful insights into your local healthcare economy. Providing analytical techniques, such as predictive analytics, statistical analysis, data visualisation and scenario modelling we can provide organisations with the most meaningful understanding of data.


Meet HD Labs

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Formed from the recognition that websites are great but nothing beats a good conversation. Good health care providers need to understand their patients and engage with them in ways that work for them and not just because that is the way they have always engaged with patients. This is not new but the way we do it is ....

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Our vision is to engage patients with data driven, non judgemental  intelligent conversation to  enable them to make informed decisions about their healthcare through channels that they regularly use. At the same time we believe that through process and task automation efficiencies can be gained and people better applied to integrating care ...

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We partner with global technology leaders to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and services. Our long-standing and enhanced partner relationships and market leading expertise in each partner’s technologies allows us to tailor solutions to our customers’ unique needs......



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