Welcome to HD Labs where A.I. is Human Driven
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The HD Labs Mission, Vision and  Values

Our Mission

Connecting people, technology and curiosity

Central to our mission, values & vision are some core beliefs that we at HD-Labs hold, these can be described as; 

  • Intelligent automation applied to human behavior is a huge challenge

  • User experience is the priority - technology is only an enabler

  • Progress comes from combining technology and human understanding

  • Creating novel, elegant solutions requires a deep understanding of underlying technology

  • Conversational intelligence will have its time and move into a new context

Our Vision

Inspiring new ways to improve people’s lives through technology

Our Values


You can take us at our word. We will be transparent and honest in the way we do business.


We bring our A game to work. Our enthusiasm for a better tomorrow is contagious.


We work with purpose, at the right level of detail to create and maintain momentum.


We actively listen and engage to make connections and invest in new ideas.


We put ourselves in others shoes to understand their perspectives and co-produce solutions


Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our commitment to cyber security. Government and industry have worked together to produce a set of standards which helps organisations safeguard against the most common cyber threats.

Techcelerate works with Founding and Management Teams of Technology Product Companies to accelerate their growth and eventually reach an EXIT, including helping them with product development, customer acquisition, strategy, positioning, fundraising and M&A backed by know-how, data, tools and insights.

BCS are a charity with a royal charter, responsible for ensuring everyone has the right skills and education to thrive in the digital economy.